Watching a livestream

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How To Guide to Watching a Livestream

Depending on how you plan to watch, it may take a few minutes to get things set up as you’d like, and we want you to be able to make the most of your experience so make sure you can log in successfully well in advance of a livestream.

- Make sure you have purchased a ticket to the event you should see You have a ticket or You have purchased access to this note at the top left hand side of the production page.

- Make sure you're logged in into your account by clicking the Log In button in the top right hand corner of the screen.

- Once logged in, you can select the your live streaming event on the Watch page by clicking the Watch from the top menu and scrolling through the page.

- If you log in before the livestream start time, you will see the livestream player with a holding image just wait here until the stream starts, and then click on the play button to start.

- In the unlikely event of technical difficulties, the stream may be disrupted for a short period of time, it's all in real time so please be patient with us!

- If you arrive during the performance, you will not be able to rewind to the beginning.

- At the end of the livestream, the video and the sound will stop.

Many of our Digital Stage events are free of charge or low costs as a means of saying thank you to everyone who has supported Norwich Theatre through this most challenging period. For many of the artists this is their first time performing live in over a year. All performers and crew will receive payment for their involvement, as they share their delight to be celebrating the diversity of creative voices and means of creative expression in our city and county. People who wish to make a donation to support Norwich Theatre recover from the impact of the pandemic and keep delivering creative opportunities to all, can do so by visiting the DONATE.